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5 hip stretches for tight hip flexors
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2018-05-11

1. Crescent Lunge Knee-Up

2. Full-Range Figure Four

3. Low Lunge Variation

4. One-Legged Bridge Lift and Lower

5. Skating Squat

OKC Strikers will be at Bart and Nadia Sports Experience - Feb 17
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OKC Strikers Cricket Challenge

Stop by and try out the game of cricket! Participants can learn batting techniques and bowling (pitching) actions with kid friendly cricket equipment. Learn all about cricket from real players in their full game day gear!

The Bart & Nadia Sports Experience encourages families to take ownership of their health through activities that embrace Olympic, Paralympic and Special Olympics ideals with an emphasis on sports, nutrition and wellness.

9 Factors That Influence Testosterone Levels
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2017-09-08


Understanding the Testosterone Spectrum

The first question that always comes up is what “normal” or desirable levels should be. As with many of the measurements and markers we seek out, I tend to trust how I feel more than what a single number in time reflects. It’s one thing to suspect you might have a deficiency based on symptoms, but it’s another to talk lab values.

Are you experiencing low energy, low libido, breast development (in men), expanding waistlines, infertility, erectile dysfunction, bone weakness, genital numbness, depression, or reduced muscle mass? (Assuming poor lifestyle habits aren’t behind these…)

My preference at this point would be seek out something like a 24-hour Dutch test. These kinds of tests, which take both urine and saliva samples across the course of a day, can provide a more accurate picture of your hormonal situation, shedding light on hormonal interplays and recognizing that the relationships between testosterone, estrogen, cortisol and certain other hormones matter.

And while I’d like to say you could interpret these results yourself, it’s probably best not to rely solely on that. Consider enlisting the help of a holistic practitioner or Primal Health Coach to guide you through the process of looking at the full picture. This way, you’ll have support for making change that works for you individually, and I don’t have to make troublesome sweeping statements of what a “normal” testosterone level would be for a man or woman of X age. The truth is, it’s almost always more complicated than that. A study out earlier this year attempted to clarify the question for men at least, but as you’ll note—it’s not about hitting an exact number by any stretch.

What Impacts Testosterone?

Back in the day, ancient Greeks were known to knock back a goat testicle or three to boost stamina and athletic performance, while ancient Chinese remedies for impotence continue to prescribe the consumption of various unfortunate animals’ reproductive organs. 

But while feasting on the testicles of a goat or the penis of a tiger won’t result in any appreciable gains, certain social, dietary and physiological changes can.

Vitamins and Minerals

While nothing beats a well-rounded Primal eating regime, there’s certain vitamins and minerals that play a distinctive role in T levels. Of course there’s vitamin D, one of the most critical vitamins in the human body (and something most Americans are deficient in). Whether you synthesize it from sun exposure or pop a couple quality, high-potency supplements each day, some research suggests that increased circulating vitamin D in the body correlates to elevated T. Other studies suggest otherwise, but there’s certainly no harm (and a lot of benefits) in getting a bit more D in your life.

Animal testing also suggests that getting adequate levels of vitamin C each day could boost testosterone. A study that gave male rats either 500 or 250 mg/kg ascorbic acid per day found that epididymal sperm concentrations and plasma testosterone were both significantly increased compared to the control group. Another study found that both vitamin C and E were beneficial for improving rabbit semen quality (and by association, testosterone), and that vitamin E appeared even more effective than C.

And then there’s zinc. I’m always a little hesitant to supplement with this trace mineral as it’s easy to go overboard (and needs to be balanced with copper intake), but zinc appears to modulate serum testosterone to a notable degree. A deficiency likely means a drop in T, while supplementing up to normal levels can restore healthy levels. Stick to zinc-rich foods like oysters or grass-fed beef and you should be just fine.

Too Much Green Stuff, Not Enough Meat

This one will come as no great surprise to those of a paleo or Primal inclination: red meat consumption supports healthy testosterone levels. Not only is it an excellent source of zinc, it’s also the most potent source of the amino acid carnitine, which has been linked to improved fertility. The high saturated fat content of the likes of beef and lamb, along with a decent omega 3-6 ratio in pastured versions, doesn’t hurt either.

With those kind of stats, it’s easy to see how a diet lacking in red meat might spell danger for testosterone. Veering away from meat consumption can also result in a calorie deficit for some who aren’t paying attention, which may in turn contribute to reduced T synthesis.

Resistance Training 

As you well know, I’m a huge fan of lifting heavy things, one reason being it’s beneficial influence on testosterone levels. As this 2017 study shows, the rise in T activity following an intense bout of resistance exercise is temporary but significant, the effects of which can be felt several hours afterwards.

Generally speaking, the heavier you lift the better, with research suggesting that resting 90 seconds between sets may promote the greatest T mobilization. Another study found that professional rugby players’ testosterone levels responded best to a workout consisting of 5 sets of high pull, bench press, squat and chin-ups at 15 reps each, this time with a 1-minute rest. There remains a lot of variation between studies, so play around with different resistance regimes and see what works best for you.


My other great love when it comes to exercise is sprints, and these too can work wonders for your ailing T levels. The beauty of these short, sharp bursts of energy is their ability to keep cortisol, testosterone’s arch-nemesis, to a minimum. 2016 study found that 5 bouts of ten-second sprint cycling promoted a significant rise in T compared to control groups, for both men and women. Interestingly, those with higher pre-test T showed a smaller T response to the sprints. Another study indicated that athletes who exhibit good sprint capacity tend to have a higher basal T level.


On the other hand…here’s another reminder to ditch the chronic cardio and not shortchange recoverystudy that followed a professional soccer team over the course of a competitive season found that testosterone levels steadily declined over the course of the season, with corresponding increases in cortisol. Unsurprisingly, the soccer players exhibited a decrease in muscle mass and increase in fat from overtraining and overexertion—not ideal for professional athletes or anyone.

Likewise, professional basketball players, for example, tend to show a steady decrease in total testosterone over the course of a season. Another basketball study found that the higher the average playing time of each player over the course of a season, the lower their T.

When we look at endurance-type exercise and sports, the same holds true. 2014 studythat examined the hormonal impacts of ultra-marathons in men found that testosterone levels were markedly decreased post-race, with those depleted T levels still apparent a day later. Even in considerably shorter endurance runs, it appears that testosterone levels tend to take a bit of a dive.

Continue training if you must, but be sure to prioritize good overall Primal health and ample recovery. You may also consider supplementing with stress-alleviating supplements like certain adaptogens.


As I’ve already mentioned, when cortisol is elevated, testosterone is diminished—that’s why exercising too frequently or too long is bad news for T. When both are in balance, they complement each other nicely—cortisol promotes muscle wasting and fat gain, while testosterone facilitates muscular hypertrophy and development of lean mass.

But with your hormonal balance out of whack, cortisol can reign supreme. When the body is in a state of chronic stress (physical, emotional, or both) it can be difficult, if not impossible, to achieve those testosterone gains you’ve been striving for. The solution, then, is to stay well away from stress wherever possible.

Add to this mindfulness and meditation for alleviating stress (and therefore elevating T) and getting plenty of sleep. You know the drill…. It doesn’t matter how healthy your habits are—cortisol will remain elevated and T deflated if you’re in a constantly sleep-deprived state.

Healthy Fats

Research shows that low-fat diets are a poor choice for maintaining healthy T levels.Ironically, much of the research demonstrating this principle was conducted in the 1980s, when the low-fat craze was building steam. 

Those studies may be old, but they were relatively conclusive in their findings. One published in 1983 showed significant reductions in total T concentrations after switching healthy middle aged men to a low fat diet. Another, published a year later, demonstrated that cutting men’s fat consumption from around 40% to 25% reduced their T levels significantly, but that this drop could be easily reversed simply by upping the fat content once more. A similar 1987 study found that testosterone exhibited much the same response in women after switching to a low-fat diet.

And while it’s more than a little difficult to ferret out the influence of different types of fats on T levels, the limited available evidence certainly supports the argument for healthy fats over typical polyunsaturated forms. This study, for example, found positive correlations between both monounsaturated and saturated fats and T levels, while pro-omega 6 polyunsaturated fat consumption showed a negative correlation. Another study showed that consumption of monounsaturated fat-rich argan and olive oils resulted in significant T increases.

Considering the average Primal diet is rich in both these fats, you should be just fine on this front. If you’re employing keto as a tool in your Primal arsenal, that works great, too. The higher healthy fat intake may offer a boost. Just be sure you’re not chronically low in total caloric intake (those who are trying to lose weight don’t need to worry and can prioritize the weight loss, which can have its own positive impact on testosterone). 


The influence that estrogen holds over testosterone ideally deserves its own post, but (for the sake of this already-lengthy piece) I’ll keep it brief. In most scenarios, excess estrogen (i.e. estrogen dominance) means diminished testosterone, a condition that affects both sexes but is far more common in women.

At this point, we can turn our attention to one of the leading culprits of hormonal imbalances and low T in women: oral contraceptives. On average, most oral contraceptives are 600 times more powerful in stimulating the synthesis of sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) than the natural estradiol produced in our bodies. SHBG binds to sex hormones like testosterone, meaning oral contraceptives can dramatically lower both free T and total T in those women.

Of course, there’s plenty more environmental estrogenic overloads to blame here. Xeno-estrogens, synthetic compounds that mimic estrogen in the body, come from a myriad of sources—most notably from plastics like PVC or the inner coating of cans. While there’s a host of BPA-free plastics now on the market, your best bet is to stay well away from plastics in general.

Other contributors to high estrogen include poor liver function, which otherwise facilitates the excretion of excess estrogen from the body, and weight gain, which increases conversion of testosterone into estrogen

Competitive Behavior

Testosterone influences aren’t limited to the physical. A 2015 study set out to examine the theory that societal expectations of gender influence testosterone production in both men and women. Researchers conducted tests designed to measure whether the act of wielding power, a decidedly masculine role in most societies, could actually elevate testosterone in both sexes. Turns out it could. They concluded that “cultural pushes for men to wield power and women to avoid doing so may partially explain, in addition to heritable factors, why testosterone levels tend to be higher in men than in women.”

Of course, this isn’t to say that if the exact same societal expectations were placed on both sexes, everyone would have relatively similar levels of testosterone. Biologically speaking, that’s wouldn’t make sense. What it does suggest is that “wielding” a sense of strength in our own lives may influence our testosterone levels. This isn’t an endorsement of narcissistic power games or chauvinistic attitudes. For me, competitive sports (especially individual ones) seem the logical answer, and research supports that choice. Failing that, one could always explore the murky waters of financial risk-taking. As for me, I’ll stick with a game of Ultimate.

But don’t expect these findings to be reflected in contemporary testosterone treatments any time soon. An article published a few months after the power-wielding study raised serious questions about the validity of that study, pointing out discrepancies in gender groups sizes, confounding factors with control conditions, and potential issues with the way in which they measured T. Still, while the findings are by no means cut and dry, the overwhelming consensus is that competitive behaviors very much play a pivotal role in testosterone production.

Nonetheless, there are two sides to competition as everyone knows with the potential for negative as well as positive responses. How we incorporate competition into our lives in healthy ways is an intriguing and personal question, but the takeaway here for me is an invitation to play more than power. What say you?

Thanks for reading, everyone. Thoughts, questions, requests for follow-up information or commentary? Share them below, and take care.

Fitness Corner
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2017-08-22

What goes into the making of captain 's well sculpt body? Find out here:

Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2017-08-07
Quarter Finals
1. D Corp vs ACC at Douglas Park on 08/12/17 Saturday
2. OKC Strikers vs WKCC at Douglas Park on 08/13/17 Sunday
3. Cowboys vs GCCC at Still water on 08/12/17 Saturday
The Umpires will be scheduled by Wednesday 08/09/17
Semi Finals
08/19/17 Saturday
1. WSU Gold vs Lowest Ranked League Standing Team which qualified from QF at Planeview
2. Second Ranked League Standing Team which qualified from QF vs Third Ranked League Standing Team which qualified from QF
08/20/17 Sunday will be the reserve day and will be used if there is a conflict of home ground arising from the above games. The higher ranked team will be given a choice in scheduling.
08/26/17 Saturday
08/27/17 Sunday will be the reserve day.
Saturday 25th 2017
Posted by:  Andrew Westmuckett     on:  2017-03-23

Saturday is going to be a busy yet exciting day. Success depends on attendance. 10 members have so far polled for the fund raising game and 11 for the AGM.

Fund raising game - We plan to start the fund raising game at 10 a.m. between invited guests/family with OKCStrikers filling in the gaps and helping the event. There will be lunch provided. PLEASE be on time. The guests WILL be on time.
Kit - Whoever has the kit should bring it to the game, in particular, bats, pads etc and stumps. I believe we are using a softer ball. Whoever has this should bring it.
AGM - We plan to start the AGM at 6.00 p.m. This is not a large cooking event but we have organized some food and soft drinks. Beer is optional for getting into the house, an empty handed attendee will not be turned away and will have the best seats availabe in the street outside!

Looking forward to a fun day.
On behalf of the CC.
Two important events to attend coming up soon.
Posted by:  Andrew Westmuckett     on:  2017-02-27

The 2017 season is almost upon us. The first match is likely to be either on the 1st or 2nd of April. Therefore, we would like to schedule 2 important events for Saturday the 25th of March.

Firstly, in the late morning/early afternoon we would like to host, at our ground, a fund raising game with many invited guests willing to sponsor the club for this season. The match will be played by the sponsors and any shortfall of players will be provided by our club. Please attend, mingle and assist with the catering.

Secondly, in the evening we will have our club Annual General Meeting. Fooz (Khan) has graciously offered his home for the event. This is the opportunity for all our members to be updated on TSCL decisions for 2017, understand and vote on any proposed club changes, elect the CC/Captains/Vice-captains and of course, socialize.

Further details will be provided nearer the time, but for now...

Please vote on availability. Both events will only be a success if generously attended.

Many thanks, Andrew.

On behalf of the CC.


Strikers at 2017 Bart and Nadia Sports Experience
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2017-02-18

2017 Bart and Nadia Sports Experience
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2017-02-18

2016 Overall Champions
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2017-01-15

2016 was an exceptional year for OKC Strikers. The club strived through job losses, damages and vandalism to stick together to win both the long game (6 hours - 35 overs) and short game (4 hours - 20/20) trophies in a single season. 

Mid season October 15th Social
Posted by:  Andrew Westmuckett     on:  2016-10-02

Dear OKCStrikers, Raiders, DCorpers 2016 TSCL 35 over CHAMPIONS.

Fuz, his wife and family have generously opened their home to us to have a mid season get together. The date is Saturday the 15th. The food provisions will be a pot luck arrangement. We will use the event to celebrate our recent victory, but also to celebrate some achievements last year and to discuss the T20 period coming up. Fuz is also donating T35 2016 Championship T shirts for members. This is a very generous donation at his own expense and so we are limiting the number to those who can attend.

As you can appreciate, time is short. We will be immediately setting up a poll for attendance availability, pot luck participation and T Shirt size.

Please respond promptly, and we can make this a successful social event.

Many thanks to Fuz from everyone.

Andrew, (on behalf of the CC).

Cricket Exhibition at Webster Middle School - A Success
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2016-05-23

Middle School Exhibition Game
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2016-05-13

7 Med Ball Throws to Build Explosive Power
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2016-05-09

Strength and conditioning coaches make their money in power development, because athletes who become more powerful are better athletes.

Typically, power development exercises include Olympic lifts like the Snatch, and Clean & Jerk. But Med Ball Throws and Tosses can be just as beneficial, especially for rotational athletes.

Olympic Lifts are great exercises to increase power through hip extension, but there are a few potential problems:

  • They are extremely technical and take thousands of reps to truly master.
  • They are inherently dangerous, especially to those who haven't mastered them. Any time you have weight overhead, it is potentially dangerous.
  • Often, younger athletes don't yet have the skills or ability to perform these exercises efficiently.
  • Olympic lift movements are great in developing powerful hip extension and overhead movements, but what about rotation?

That being said, I am not downplaying Olympic lifts. I think they are amazing for intermediate to advanced athletes who want to increase strength and power. In a perfect world, all athletes would be able to perform Olympic Lifts in conjunction with Med Ball Tosses/Throws, Jumps and strength training exercises to boost their athleticism.

But it's not a perfect world, so here are my 7 top Medicine Ball Tosses and Throws to improve power. Check out the video above for demonstrations of all the exercises.

1. Lateral Scoop Toss

  • Stand perpendicular to a wall.
  • Hold the ball at the hip opposite the wall.
  • Rotate slightly toward the wall and explosively toss the ball into the wall with an underhand grip.
  • Catch the rebound and repeat.

2. Lateral Shot Put Throw

  • Stand perpendicular to a wall.
  • Place your outside hand behind the ball at shoulder height.
  • Keeping your outside elbow up, rotate your hips and push the ball through to the wall with your outside arm, just like throwing a shot put.
  • Remember hips lead, upper body follows.

3. Stepping Lateral Scoop Toss

  • Start in the same position as the Lateral Shot Put Throw but farther away from the wall.
  • Hold the ball with an underhand grip.
  • Step your outside foot in front of your inside foot.
  • When your outside foot lands, plant, rotate your hips through and toss the ball against the wall as powerfully as possible.

4. Wrap Around Toss

  • Face away from a wall and hold the ball at your chest with an underhand grip.
  • Rotate your torso to the right and toss the ball against the wall explosively.
  • Catch the rebound, rotate to the left  explosively toss the ball against the wall.

5. Chest Pass

  • Stand close to a wall facing it and hold the ball at your chest.
  • Explosively pass the ball from your chest to the wall as hard as you can.
  • Catch the rebound, reset and repeat.
  • Think of it like a chest pass in basketball.

6. Overhead Toss

  • Stand facing a wall in a split stance, one foot forward and one behind.
  • Raise the ball above your head, explosively flex at the hip and throw the ball against the wall.
  • Catch the rebound, reset and repeat.
  • Use a lighter ball for this than you used for the others.

7. Kneeling Overhead Toss

  • Kneel and raise the ball overhead.
  • Perform the same Overhead Toss as above.
Better Gems: Cricket or Baseball?
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2016-04-21
Choosing cricket over gangs
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2016-04-18
Strength Training For Cricket!
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2016-03-28
Bart and Nadia Sports Experience 2016
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2016-02-10

10 essential cricket strength and power exercises
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2016-01-18

To improve your cricket power you need to train in a highly specific way. That means doing exercises and routines that strengthen your whole body in ways that can be transferred to the cricket pitch.

These core exercises are not a plan in themselves, just a way to balance all your training while staying specific. You would struggle to do them all in one workout. Split them (or variations of them) over 2-4 sessions as part of your yearly cricket fitness plan.

  1. SquatThe plain old squat is a strength standby. You can do it with bodyweight, dumbbells or a barbell and it trains your hip mobility, legs, shoulders and trunk in one go. It's a tough exercise but will get you great improvements if done with the right technique.
  2. Single Leg Squat. Training one leg at a time is a great way to develop strength, balance and sprint speed in one go. There are loads of ways to do this exercise with weight or without so pick something that challenges you.
  3. Romanian Deadlift. Your hamstrings exist in cricket to extend your hip while you run. The Romanian Deadlift trains you in the same way and helps prevent injury. Good form is vital here, as is keeping the weight low. No prizes for ego lifting in this game.
  4. Cook Hip Lift. The buzz word in sports conditioning at the moment is pre-habilitation: the prevention of injury through specific exercises. The Cook Hip Lift is a hamstring and hip exercise that teaches your muscles to 'fire' in the right way while you are running. It's easy to do once mastered and can be done almost anywhere which is especially good for fielders and fast bowlers who want to warm up to run while on the field.
  5. Medicine Ball Throws. Core stability is another one of those buzz words. In this case, the point of it is to strengthen and activate the muscles that allow you to twist your trunk and drive power through your hips. A skill that all cricketers (especially seam bowlers) will benefit from. The key is to use a light ball (3kg or so) and throw harder. You can use a partner or a wall to help.
  6. Press/Push Up. Possibly the most unglamorous and underrated exercise in the world, the press up is a superb chest, arm and trunk stability exercise. There are loads of variations such as adding a handclap for power and you can do it with no equipment at all. Forget the PE teacher who used it as a punishment, pressing up is amazing.
  7. Standing Overhead Press. While cricketers generally should avoid specific "shoulder exercises" (especially upright rows and lateral raises), the overhead press and its variations are essential if used in moderation. Always do them standing up and to add power drive the weight upwards with your legs as well as your shoulders and arms.
  8. Chin/Pull Up. The best back exercise on the market and it's free to use. Chin ups can be hard to do for some people but with perseverance, time and assistance (from bands or a training buddy) anyone can do a few. It's worth it because it works so many upper body muscles in one go saving you a lot of time.
  9. Bent Over RowsRowing isn't just for rowers: they work your back muscles in a different way (vertically instead of horizontally) so develops the stabilizing muscles in your hips and shoulders. They are also the perfect opposite to press ups allowing you to develop strength and power in balance. To develop even more hip rotational strength you can do it with a cable pulley system in the gym.
  10. Hang PullThis power exercise is an easy to learn variation of the hang clean. To work properly it does require a relatively heavy amount of weight so is best for off season training in the gym and only with good technique. When done well it will give you big strides in power movements, especially jumping, hitting and sprinting.

Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2015-09-29

If you are trying cricket for the first time and need to buy a new cricket bat, whether in the USA or elsewhere in the world, here is a short-list to make sure you buy the correct cricket bat.


JUSTUNO50WD - 15% Coupon 


Strikers vs ACC Sunday July 26 2015
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2015-08-05

Team Picture 2
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2015-07-29

Team Picture 1
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2015-07-29

2015 Tentative Playoff Schedule
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2015-07-21

OKC Strikers Welcome Attendees of the 13th IPC Family Conference
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2015-07-16

OKC Strikers will be hosting the members/attendees of the 13th IPC Family Conference 2015 that will be held in Norman, OK. Attendees of the 13th IPC Family Conference will be at the Douglass Cricket Field in Oklahoma City on July 18 for cricket and other team building activities.

Strikers Win!
Posted by:  Tariq Sandhu     on:  2015-04-14

Strikers finally got to play a match this past weekend after their opener got rained out. They defeated HCC in Haysville by 5 wickets. Jarrod and Srini had match winning knocks. Jarrod was 84* and Srini scored 72!

Raiders had one of those bad days that kept getting worse and suffered their first loss of the season. Hopefully we can bounce back this weekend.

Strikers have a bye week and Raiders have a match on Saturday 04/18/2015 against HBCC at our home ground. Match is scheduled to start at 10:30AM.

Raiders win. Strikers match rained out
Posted by:  Tariq Sandhu     on:  2015-04-07

Raiders won their season opener on the road while the Strikers match got rained out. Our next matches are on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday April 11th Strikers travel to Haysville KS to play HCC and Sunday April 12th Raiders have a home match against GTCC. Both matches are scheduled for 10:30 AM start.

2015 Season Kicks off This Weekend!
Posted by:  Tariq Sandhu     on:  2015-04-01

The 2015 35 over cricket season starts this weekend. Raiders have an away game against HCC in Haysville KS on Saturday and Strikers got a home game against the Risers on Sunday. Both games will start at 10:30 AM.

Exhibition Game March 28 - SAT 11:00 AM
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2015-03-23

Thank You Strikers
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2015-02-15

Thank You Strikers! We would not have been able to pull this up if not for our club (Strikers & Family) to come together to make the Cricket Challenge at the Bart and Nadia Sports Experience a success!!!

OKC Strikers to show case cricket at Bart and Nadia Sports Event
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2015-02-04

Thanks to the friends from Southwestern Christian University for the game on Jan 25!
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2015-01-26

2014 End of Season Social Event
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2014-10-15

'End of Season' social on Saturday - November 1st at 4:00PM. Members, please poll according to how many will accompany you. Family and friends are welcome.

T20 Schedule as of Sep 17, 2014 (Subject to change)
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2014-09-17

20/20 Season Starts on Sep 14 - Sunday 10:00 AM
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2014-09-11

Twenty20 cricket, often abbreviated to T20, is a short form of cricket. It was originally introduced by the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in 2003 for professional inter-county competition in England and Wales. In a Twenty20 game the two teams have a single innings each, which is restricted to a maximum of 20 overs.

A typical Twenty20 game is completed in about three hours, with each innings lasting around 75–90 minutes and a 10–20-minute interval. This is much shorter than previously-existing forms of the game, and is closer to the timespan of other popular team sports. It was introduced to create a fast-paced form of the game which would be attractive to spectators at the ground and viewers on television. The ECB did not intend that Twenty20 would replace other forms of cricket (such as 40-50 over one day and multi-day first class formats), and these have continued alongside it.

Since its inception the game has been very successful resulting in its spread around the cricket world. On most international tours there is at least one Twenty20 match and all Test-playing nations have a domestic cup competition. The inaugural ICC World Twenty20 was played in South Africa in 2007 with India winning by five runs against Pakistan in the final.[1] Pakistan won the second tournament in 2009,[2] and England won the title in 2010Sri Lanka are the reigning champions after winning the 2014 competition.

Game Cancelled - Sun - Jun 15 - Strikers v.s HCC
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2014-06-13

HCC forfeited the game. A practice game to be played based on player availablity and weather conditions. 

Strikers vs Shockers Jun 7th 10:30 AM
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2014-06-03

Strikers vs Risers June1st 10:30 AM
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2014-05-27

May Schedule Snapshot
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2014-05-05

Million Dollar Arm - Advanced Screening
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2014-04-22

We would like to invite you to attend an advanced screening of MILLION DOLLAR ARM. The film is based on the true story of sports agent, J.B. Bernstein, as he searches for the next great MLB pitcher among Indian cricket players. What begins as a purely commercial venture becomes something more and leads JB to find the one thing he was never looking for at all-a family.

Please contact us to see how you and a friend can attend!

WHEN: Tuesday, April 29th at 7:30PM

WHERE: Harkins Bricktown Cinema 150 E Reno Ave, Oklahoma City, OK 73104 

Seating is first come first serve.

Home Opener - Sat, April 26 , 10:30 AM
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2014-04-21

Home Opener - Sat, April 26 , 10:30 AM - Cowboys (OSU) vs. OKC Strikers 

OKC Strikers will be hosting Cowboys Cricket Club for the home opening game. The game will be played in our new field located at Douglass East Park. 709 N Bryant Ave Oklahoma City OK 73117. The event is free to the public. 

OKC Strikers wins First Game against GCCC of tulsa by 4 Wickets
Posted by:  Hiren Patel     on:  2014-04-06

OKC Strikers wins first game of the 2014 35-over League against GCCC in Tulsa.

Strikers chased 185 runs with 4 wickets in hand and 3 overs to spare. A good all round performance by everyone.Congratulations to Samir Khan for being Man of the Match. He took 3 wickets and scored a match winning 60+ runs (not out)

OKC Strikers New Ground Grand Opening
Posted by:  Hiren Patel     on:  2014-04-01


The Grand opening for our new ground was held on Saturday March 29th.

Thanks to everyone that contributed by bringing food, drinks, plastic ware and other miscellaneous items.
A special thanks to Foozbhai for the grill, hotdogs and BBQ chicken.


35 Over League Schedule
Posted by:  Hiren Patel     on:  2014-04-01

Click Here to download the 2014 35-over league Schedule.

:- 2013 End of Season :-
Posted by:  Shayan Dhanani     on:  2013-12-16
The CC would like to once again congratulate all the award winners - Vijay, Aashok, Fooz, Shayan and Andrew. You guys did an awesome job!!
Also, we would to thank all the captains and vice captains (Dilawer, Vijay, Fooz and Nikunj) for all their hard work and dedication in the 2013 season.
And finally, we would like to thank all the members for all their enthusiasm and dedication to the club. That is what makes us a special club.
OKC Strikers/ Raiders CC
2013 Awards Ceremony
Posted by:  Ashok Kannan     on:  2013-12-12

The 2013 Awards ceremony and members' get together will be held on Sunday, December 15th at 2PM. Bring friends, potential new members and cricket enthusiasts. 

Semi Final Match vs GTCC
Posted by:  Tariq Sandhu     on:  2013-10-11

Strikers will play GTCC in the semi finals on Sunday October 13th at 11:00AM at our ground on 89th St. Bring family and friends to cheer us on!

Number 1 Seed!
Posted by:  Tariq Sandhu     on:  2013-10-09

Strikers are in the T20 playoffs as the number 1 overall seed and got a first round bye! Semi final match is scheduled for this weekend against GTCC of Tulsa, OK. Come out and cheer the team on to a victory in their quest for the championship!

Strikers vs Raiders & Raiders vs MCC
Posted by:  Shayan Dhanani     on:  2013-09-16

Fun weekend of two T20 matches.

Scorecards have been uploaded, stats updated.

Check out the two videos from the Raiders vs Strikers match

T20 Schedule Posted
Posted by:  Shayan Dhanani     on:  2013-09-12

T20 schedule has been posted for both the teams.

Find it here

OKC Cricket Clinic Update
Posted by:  Shayan Dhanani     on:  2013-07-31

Thanks to  Karthik, Andy, Sai, Pradeep, Dilawer, Gautam, Maulin and Subash for volunteering, teaching kids, demonstrating cricket plays and making this fun. 

Checkout the pictures in the here

Checkout the article in newsok here

Kids Cricket Clinic - July 27, 2013
Posted by:  Shayan Dhanani     on:  2013-07-18

Kids Cricket Clinic

When: Saturday, July 27, 5:30pm - 7:30pm

Where: Band Shell and Great Lawn

Free to the public, Best for ages 8-12

The OKC Strikers Cricket Club is taking over the great lawn for a day of fun and sportsmanship.  Kids will learn how to play the game of cricket from the experts.  Although all skill levels are welcome, the clinic is designed for players who are new to the game.  Coaches will start from the beginning and teach kids the basic rules of the game.  The new players will get a chance to work on their bowl, practice their swing, and run the pitch.  All cricket equipment will be provided.  Children are encouraged to wear athletic clothes, tennis shoes, and sunscreen

Scorecard & Stats Updated
Posted by:  Shayan Dhanani     on:  2013-06-30

Scorecards have been uploaded and stats updated.

Find them in the squad / homepage and S&R pages.

Strikers vs Thunders - May, 26 2013
Posted by:       on:  2013-05-26

Great match, all around effort, and we got the WIN!

Stats have been updated.

Scorecard can be found here

Photos can be found here

(sorry i don't do long match reports)

New Photos Added
Posted by:  Shayan Dhanani     on:  2013-05-14


I've gone through the old site archives, and have found a bunch of game and social event photos.

You can find them here

Raiders vs Thunders - May 11, 2013
Posted by:  Shayan Dhanani     on:  2013-05-14


Scoredcard has been posted along with stats updated.

Thunders vs Strikers Scorecard Removed
Posted by:  Shayan Dhanani     on:  2013-05-13


Thunders vs Strikers game that occured in Wichita (Rescheduled to May 26th) has been removed, along with the stats.

Match Report - OKC Strikers Vs GCCC - April 20, 2013
Posted by:  Sekhar Malladi     on:  2013-05-04

The win! It's finally here! If the Strikers ever wanted to pull off a perfect victory, this was it. And to do it against one of the best teams in the league and one that beat us in our own backyard last week, it was especially brilliant!

After opening the season with a string of losses, this was a much needed victory to boost the club's morale. It seemed that today, the Strikers could no wrong. In overcast conditions and a muddy field, GCCC won the toss and decided to field first. The opening pair of Vijay and Hiren started cautiously but still scored at a brisk pace and out up a 51 run partnership in 58 balls until Hiren was bowled. He would consider himself unlucky as the ball kept low. In walked Samir and straight away he looked like was continuing his last innings against GCCC. He hardly put a foot wrong as he went about carving some gorgeous shots on both sides of the field. His eventual score of 109* (104 b, 10 x 4, 1 x 6) shows the ease with which he scored his runs despite struggling with a stiff back throughout the innings. Meanwhile Vijay ( 69 (63b, 6 x 4, 1 x 6)) continued to provide solid support from the other end by rotating the strike and some spectacular running between the wickets. Their domination of the GCCC bowling was complete and they put on a 155 run partnership in just 119 balls. The partnership deflated the bowling side as they appeared to be taking no risks at all. After Vijay's dismissal, Dilawerkarthik and Tariq pinched in valuable runs (Dilawer and Tariq's massive sixes included) to eventually end the innings at 272/ 5 keeping alive the trend of higher than previous score every innings.

It was no secret that the Strikers needed to be sensibly aggressive if they were to defend their massive score against a side known for its hitting prowess. In a brilliant move, the captain opened the bowling with Karthik in a bid to get early wickets. Karthik extracted steep bounce from the wicket which put demons in the heads of the batsmen. The first one of his wickets was Javad who sliced the ball to backward point into the safe hands of Hiren. The other wickets fell as Karthik bowled with disconcerting pace and the ball kicked off uncomfortably from length! He bowled all his overs on the trot and by the time he was done he conceded only 34 runs for an incredible 5 wickets! He accounted for all the top order batsmen! Hiren provided support from the other end and he took one wicket for 25 runs. Tariq and Sekhar took a wicket each in their solitary overs. GCCC was eventually bowled out for 88 runs and the Strikers won by 184 runs. Through out the innings, the Strikers were sharp in the field and took their catches providing a perfect recipe to win matches - make a lot of runs, bowl well, field well and take all your catches! It was a day for the Strikers and they really could do no wrong! Well done!

The captain presented the 2 match balls to Samir and Karthik for their brilliant effort in the field.

See scorecard here.

Welcome to Newly Redesigned Website
Posted by:  Shayan Dhanani     on:  2013-05-02


I am happy to bring you our new Oklahoma City Strikers Cricket Club Website. Please check out the new features, including:

  • Top Players Stats bar on the right
  • New navigation bar on the left
  • New design
  • Individual player statistics by accessing the squad page and clicking individuals name

Please check it out and let me know if anything does not seem right. Feedback is very much appreciated!

Some features, such as polling will be implemented next along with any bugs that may still remain.